“The last tenant” in Postproduction

Berlin. The last not renovated building in a posh neighborhood is being vacated. All of the tenants have moved out, only Dietmar (67) refuses to do so. His son Tobias (32) has tried to convince him to move into a council flat, but his father is being resistant. He won’t leave the place he lived in for 40 years.
The situation comes to a head between Tobias, his father and the agent, when the young police woman, Shirin, appears at the door step. One thing leads to another, the situation is escalating out of control. While Shirin tries to settle things with Tobias, the extent of his fathers humiliation is being revealed.
Is that all? What are father and son really up to?
When tension is rising, it’s quickly clear that the truth is complex and many things in this play far from what they seemed at first…

Director: Gregor Erler
Production: Cornelsen Films, Film13
Cast: Matthias Ziesing, Pegah Ferydoni, Moritz Heidelbach, Thilo Prothmann, Conrad F. Geyer, Tim Keune, Wolfgang Packhäuser,
Mignon Remé, Annemarie Fliegel, Henrike Hahn