November 2019

Yeehaw! “THE LAST BERLINER” wins the main Prize of the 30th cinema festival of the German Film in Lünen.

Many, many thanks also to the wonderful audience that voted in the sold-out cinema Cineworld for our film. What a great pleasure! For all who want to see the movie again: 20.11. 2019, Cineworld, 8pm, plus Q & A with director.

Congratulations to our director Gregor Erler!

October 2019

First Trailer von

“SANGRE” [L`Intemperie] by Juan Schnittmann, Cast: Juan Barberini, Natalia Tena, Dirk Martens, Bella Camero.

September 2019



30th Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival, September 14-22, 2019…&

9th Catalina Film Festival, Sept. 25-29, 2019

28th Heartland Int’l Film Festival, Oct. 10-20, 2019

7th Hardline Film Festival Regensburg 2019
27.9. um 17 Uhr im Ostentor Kino…/der-letzte-mieter-2019/

RICF 2nd Rome Independent Cinema Festival, AUG 31

2nd AFIN International Film Festival, Oct 21st – 25th

The Hague Global Cinema Festival 2019; Nov15th – 17th


Podiumsdiskussion – Wo steht der deutsche Genrefilm (2019)

Venice Production Bridge 29th of August – 3rd of September

July 2019

KIA AND COSMOS” by Sudipto Roy will have its  German Premiere at the Indo-German Filmfestival at Babylon Cinema, – Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

On tne 16th. and 18. of July at 5:30 pm.

June 2019

We are happy to announce our Collaboration with Apple Custard Production, to Co-Produce the feature Film “EMMA AND ANGEL” by R. Arvind.

“Ex- The Movie” by George Markakis finished Shooting and is now in postproduction.

Mai 2019

Our Documentary “16 WOMEN” by Bahar Ebrahim will have its German Premier as opening Film at the Iranian Filmstival
Visoins of Iran at 30th Mai in Cologne.

April 2019

“THE LAST BERLINER” by  Gregor Erler, will start the “Genrenale” at Thursday 2nd May, 8 pm at UCI Schönhauser Allee.

Finished shooting for  “LÍntemperie/  the Cold Within” by Juan Schnitmann in Buenos Aires.

Our Documentary: “16 WOMEN”, by Bahar Ebrahim, is selected to the Iranischen Filmfestival “VISIONS OF IRAN” from 30th Mai – 2nd Juni at Filmforum/Museum Ludwig, in Köln.

March 2019

Our Feature Film: “THE LAST BERLINER” by Gregor Erler has won: “Best Feature Film at the Manchester International Filmfestival (MANIFF)(Yeehaw)

Cornelsen Films will Co-Produce the newest Featurefilm from Juan Schnitmann: “L`INTEMPERIE/ The cold within” Shooting  starts at 25th of February in Buenos Aires (AR)

With the fabulous Dirk Martens.

Thanks to Fischer&Partner Actors Agency Berlin

February 2019

“THER LAST BERLINER” by Gregor Erler will be at the Manchester Filmfestival 2nd-19th of March 2019

Cornelsen Films @ EFM Berlinale

“KIA AND COSMOS” by Sudipto Roy will be at the Glasgow Filmfestival 20th February – 3rd March 2019

on 28th Februray at 3:45pm at GFT3

December 2018

Cornelsen Films is Co-Producing “KIA AND COSMOS” by Sudipto Roy.

November 2018

We have Started Shooting : “EX the Movie” by George Markakis

September / October 2018

“The last Berliner” aka Ripchord”  has it World  Premier at the Hofer Filmtage at 24th of October

Nominated for Best Director: Gregor Erler

March 2018

Start shooting “TEENAGE WERWOLF” by Julian Richberg

February 2018

prep for Berlinale

“37” by Chris Brügge in Berlin Cinemas
Save the date
KLICK Kino:14.02.2018- 20h Start
Sputnik: 15.- 22.2.2018- 18h Start
beware! Ladenkino: 15.-22.2.2018- check programm
Klick Kino weiter ab 15.-22.2.2018 – check programm

October 2017

Premier of 37 by Chris Brügge

September 2017

Our Featurefilm “37” by Chris Brügge will have it´s Cinema release end of October.

Mai 2017

Cannes Filmfestspiele
“16 WOMEN/ 16 ZAN” Documentary by Bahar Ebrahim is now completet

Februar 2017

Berlinale EFM2017

January 2017

Shooting “Reissleine (Ripcord)” is finished, we´re now in postproduction…

October 2016

Pre-Production of our Feature Film: “Reissleine (Ripcord)” by Gregor Erler
shooting starts on 8th of Nivember

September 2016

the Trailer of “16 WOMEN/ 16ZAN” is ready and online!

August 2016

Bienale Venedig Filmfestival

May 2016

Our Dokumentary “16 WOMEN/16 ZAN” (Iran/ Teheran) by Bahar Ebrahim is now in Postproduction.

January 2015

Our Feature Film “37” by Chris Brügge will run on the “21. Filmfestival Türkei Deutschland” at “Filmlandschaften”
from 4.-13. March 2016 in Nürnberg.

November 2015

at the Cathegory: “Debutfeaturefilm” our Film “37” by Chris Brügge will run on 05.11. at 11pm at “Venus”,
and at 06.11. at “Saturn”.

Oktober: 2015

Chris Brügges “37” is running on the 37. Biberacher Filmfestspielen fom 31th of Oktober 2015

Juli 2015

Our Feature Film “37” is runnung on the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards,

Our feature Film “37” by Chris Brügge won the “best feature Film Award, at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. Congrats!

June 2015

Our Feature Film “37” by Chris Brügge is nominatet for Best Film, Best ensemble Cast and best Director, for the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

Mai 2015

“CHILDREN SHOW” by Roderic Cabrido, won the Grand Jury Prize at the South Korean Filmfestival (Yee Haw)

prep for Cannes

March 2015

our Feature “CHILDREN SHOW” has won the “Special Jury Award” @ the “Fantaspoto Filmfestival”

February 2015

Our feature Film”CHILDREN SHOW” by Roderick Cabrido and

One Big Fight Production/ Philipines is completed and ready for sale and Festivals.

prep. for EFM@ Berlinale

January 2015

“Nos Petites Morts” by Holger Badura shooting is done

December 2014

Cooperation with Chris Brügge our feature Film “37” is now completed and ready for sale.

October 2014

“Symplify Your Soul” by Markus Boestfleisch will have its Cinema Premiere on 23th October at 8:00p.m. at Babylon Cinema Berlin

August 2014

prep for the venice Filmfestival

June 2014

“India Blues” will have its North- America Premiere at the “QFest” 24th to 28th of July in Houston. selected as “international Centerpiese” premiere will be at 26th at the “Museum of fine Arts” at 8 P.M.

May 2014

Preparation for Cannes Filmfestival

Cooperation between One Big Fight Productionsd /Philipinen and Cornelsen Films
to produce; Children´s Show by Roderick Cabrido

February 2014

Preparing for Berlinale/ EFM

January 2014

We are happy to announce, “Indiea Blues” will have its nationale Premiere in Israel, Tel Aviv, 7th February ,5:45h at Cinamatheque, Theater 5

October 2013

We are happy to announce the official participation of “INDIA BLUES” at the upcoming Cork Film Festival runs 9-17 November 2013 screening:Monday 11 November 2013,12:30pm

September 2013

“India Blues” by George Markakis will have its Premiere at The Athens International Filmfestival on 24th of September, 22:15-DANAOS 2

August 2013

“Berlin Dance Battle 3D” will have ist DVD and Blueray release on 14th October 2013

Preparation for the Venice Filmfestival 29th August – 2nd September

“India Bues” is officialy selected for The Athens Filmfestival

Mai 2013

European Producer Club is celebrating ist 20th Anniversary – congratulations!

“India Blues” will have its official screening in Cannes on May 5:30 p.m. Palias H

March 2013

“India Blues” worldsales: House of Film / US “Berlin Dance Battle 3D” worldsales: 3D- contenhub

Berlin Dance Battle 3D @ EFM Berlinale 2013

EFM @ Berlinale 2013

“The Hollywood Reporter” EFM Industry Debate „After the Hype – the Future of 3D” Feb. 8 / 4.30pm at the Spiegelzelt.
Participants: Erwin M. Schmidt (producer at Neue Road Movies, Germany)

Ben Stassen (director, producer and 3D pioneer, Belgium),

Sophokles Tasioulis (head of cinema, Red Bull Media, Austria)

Bob Mayson (managing director, RealD Europa, UK)

Christopher Cornelsen ( independent 3D producer Cornelsen Films)

The event is chaired by The Hollywood Reporter / Journalist Scott Roxborough.

December 2012

“Berlin Dance Battle 3D” featurefilm 101 min. by Robert Franke is completed and will have ist screening @EFM Berlinale.

“India Blues” featurefilm by 96 min. by George Markakis is completed, and will have ist screening @ EFM@ Berlinale.

August 2012

“India Blues” featurefilm by von George Markakis is in postproduction

April 2012

Cornelsen Films become member by the European Producers Club (EPC)

Januar 2012

Berlin Dance Battle 3D, by Robert Franke

The first German- – Film in nativ 3D (stereoskopic) is in Postproduction, release October 2013

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