Christopher Cornelsen

Producer/ Co/ LP/ PM


“Emma and Angel” Featurefilm 87 Minutes by R. Arvind (Postproduction)

“Cafe2022” Short 30 Minutes by Sudipto Roy (completed)


“Sangre” Featurefilm 90 Minutes by Juan Schnittmann (ARG/Esp/Ger)

“Ex – The Movie” Featurefilm 95 Minutes by Georges Markakis (Ger)


“Arboretum” aka Teenage Werwolf Featurefilm 87 Minutes by Julian Richberg (Ger)

“Kia and Cosmos” Featurefilm 120 Minutes by Sudipto Roy (In/ Ger)


„The last Berliner“ Featurefilm 95 Minutes, Thriller by Gregor Erler (Ger)


„16 Women“ Documentary 95/ 52 Minutes  by Bahar Ebrahim, Iran/ Germany


„Children´s Show“ Featurefilm 98 miunutes by Roderic Carbrido,
Script: Ralston Rover, Philipines/Germany
Cast: Allen Dizon, Gloria Sevilla, Suzette Ranillo, Nathan Lopez, Jacob Rika, Devine Aucina.
Children’s Show is a full-length film based on a real life story of children ages 10-15 years old being used by a syndicate for an underground wrestling match.

„Nos Petites Morts“, Short 11 mins. by Holger Badura
Cast: Lena Reinhold, Julia Kahl, Phlipp Romann.


„37“ Featurefilm, 98 minutes, by Chris Brügge
Cast:Mette Lysdal, Isabelle Mann, Alexander Milo, Pero Radicic.
37 is a sensual intense journey into the life of a young man. After many strokes of fate he dreams of turning back time…


„India Blues“ Featurefilm, 98 Min. Dir: G.Markakis
Cast: Chris Forny, Yiannis Kolios.
INDIA BLUES is an edgy, bold and passionate love story between two young men who are sometimes afraid to love each other.


„Berlin Dance Battle 3D” Featurefilm, 95 min by Robert Franke.
Summer turns to high in Berlin. The BERLIN DANCE BATTLE, the most important European underground dance battle is just around the corner and the young newbie BENNY (20) is keen to take part, but in order to enter the battle he must become a member of one of the renowned dance crews.

„Berlin Dance Championship–Documentary“ 80 min. Dir. R.Franke
„Still Awake“ Short, 10 min., Dir. Anna Levinson


„Simplify your Soul” Featurefilm, 95 min, Dir. M. Boestfleisch

„Berlin Dance Battle 3D” – Trailer 5 min., Dir. R.Franke “Frühlingserwachen” Short, 9 min., Dir. A. Levinson


„Das Spiel des Lebens” Short 7 min., Dir. A. Levinson
„Killing Bee 3D“– Teaser 5 Min. Dir. Raymond Boy [real 3D action]
„The Race“ featurefilm, 95 Min., Dir. A.Nebe, Co-Produktion IR/D, Producer for Tucanofilm


„Draussen am See“ Featurefilm 100 Minutes by  F. Fuchssteiner, Line Producer/ Service Producer


Hamburg Media School [all shorts 2nd Year]

„Elsas Geburtstag“ (AT) M.Lotsch, C.Lehmann, M.Lipps, C.Töllner
„Jonas am Meer“ (AT) K.Dufner, M.Sommer, T.Bergsteiner, S.Böhme
„Haus7“ (AT) T.Schüttler, P.Osthus, B.Herzner, K.Freund,
„Chinese takeaway“ (AT) M.Mihm, F.Binder, L.Thalgott, V.Hoppe
„Kühe schubsen” (AT) F.Gees, M.Brummund, E.Zuleeg, F.Wiemker “Traummann”(AT) Y.Özcan, A.Schmidt, T.Vollmar, M.Thiel
[Titel; Production; ; Director; Camera; Sript] all second semester films, S 16mm, col., 10 min Assistant/ Line Producer – Production Manager –

2006 – 2007

„Our Farm in Africa“ Docu – serial 21 pcs. Production Manager, Studio Hamburg, ZDF

2005 – 2006

Hamburg Media School Lead Head: Prof. Katharina M. Trebitsch Devision heads: Manuela Stehr, Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt, Friedemann Fromm, Wedigo von Schutzendorff, Beate Langmaack, Richard Reitinger. – Coordinator of Filmstudys –


Rebel Media,  Stoke TV + Rebel TV (Sportsmagazin) 22 + 25 min. Beta, HD, weekly broadcast, at DSF, and weekly International. Production Manager „Nevermore“ feature 90 min. Dir: Toke C. Hebbeln Academy award; best foreign student film 2007 Production Manager – Production Manager – brave new work filmproductions GmbH „37 ohne Zwiebeln“ 15 min. Dir: A.Erkau, Max- Opühls- Festival: Kurzfilmpreis der Jury+ Interfilmpreis, 2006 Studio- Hamburg Newcomerprice: best Shortfilm, best Director, best Script –nomination-


„Blindflight“(AT), feature 85 min., Dir. B.v.Grafenstein, Production Manager

„The measure of things“, 35 min.Dir: S. Bohse First Steps Award 2005 – Feature 60 min. –Nomination Aacademy award; best foreign student film 2006- nomination Production Manager

„D.N.X. The Mutant-School“ 30 min. Dir:N.Zingelmann Production Manager (Hofmann& Voges GmbH und RTL Television)

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