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EX – completed-

“EX”  by George Markakis Synopsis: EX is a Docu- Fiction that shows what is happening in the toilets of clubs and Bars in Berlin. Whether they know each other or not, people are opening up there; it is like a confessional where they are sharing only truths. This movie depicts the beauty of unburdening where […] Continue reading "EX – completed-"

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Teenage Werwolf -completed-

Erik and his best friend Sebastian are two teenagers in a small town on the German border that once ran between East and West. Their parents are struggling with their own demons and they are bullied at school. Life doesn’t seem to offer the two outsiders any perspective either. And so they start planning their […] Continue reading "Teenage Werwolf -completed-"

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Kia and Cosmos

The story of a 15-year-old girl diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) resolves to write a mystery novel, while taking on the investigation of her neighbourhood cat’s murder that leads her to an audacious journey from Kolkata to Kalimpong to find her father.   Director: Sudipto Roy Producer: Prachi Kanodia Co- Producer: Pawan Kanodia, Chris […] Continue reading "Kia and Cosmos"

“The last Berliner”

Berlin. The last not renovated building in a posh neighborhood is being vacated. All of the tenants have moved out, only Dietmar (67) refuses to do so. His son Tobias (32) has tried to convince him to move into a council flat, but his father is being resistant. He won't leave the place he lived Continue reading "“The last Berliner”"
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Children´s Show

Children´s Show by Roderick Cabrido Autor: Jalston Rover, 90 Minutes. Philipinen/ Germany Cast: Allen Dizon, Gloria Sevilla, Suzette Ranillo, Nathan Lopez, Jacob Rika, Devine Aucina. Status: completed „Children’s Show“ it a full lenghth feature Film, based on a real life story of children ages 10-15 years old being used by a syndicate for an underground […] Continue reading "Children´s Show"

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37 is a sensual intense journey into the life of a young man. After many strokes of fate he dreams of turning back time Continue reading "37"

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Berlin Dance Battle 3D

Berlin Dance Battle 3D, 101 minutes, by  Robert Franke Cast: Claudia`Floh´ Scharf, Johanna Göning, Lino Maurer, Team Recycled. MIK- Fam, Battle Cats, Lunatics, and more than 160 wonderfull Streetdancers from Berlin. Release: 15th November 2013 Summer turns to high in Berlin. The BERLIN DANCE BATTLE, the most important European underground dance battle is just around […] Continue reading "Berlin Dance Battle 3D"

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