Aphasia by Dominik Balkow

Synopsis Englisch:

“Aphasia” is about the inability to talk to each other, the repression of traumas, and the dangers of using therapy.

After 15 years, the twins Cosmo (André Lewski) and Carmen (Sandra Tirre) meet again in their former, remote family home. While the therapist Carmen wants to work through the common childhood trauma, her brother refuses and instead brings his new girlfriend Marie (Hannah Prasse) with him.
When Carmen secretly observes the two of them having an unsatisfactory attempt at sex, she suggests couples therapy to Marie. Due to the inability to speak openly to each other - and also fueled by the mysterious, new housemate Heins (Heiko Pinkowski) - a fatal dynamic is unleashed between the three of them, through which more and more husks fall and long-scarred wounds open painfully.

Cast Hannah Prasse, Sandra Tirre, André Lewsky and Heiko Pinkowski.