Berlin Dance Battle 3D

Berlin Dance Battle 3D, 101 minutes, by  Robert Franke

Cast: Claudia`Floh´ Scharf, Johanna Göning, Lino Maurer, Team Recycled. MIK- Fam, Battle Cats, Lunatics, and more than 160 wonderfull Streetdancers from Berlin.

Release: 15th November 2013

Summer turns to high in Berlin. The BERLIN DANCE BATTLE, the most important European underground dance battle is just around the corner and the young newbie BENNY (20) is keen to take part, but in order to enter the battle he must become a member of one of the renowned dance crews. When he finally gets his chance to audition for the BERLIN MELTDOWNS, one of the best crews in the city, he is outsmarted and humiliated by their beautiful but sneaky crew leader LANA (18). Devastated by this defeat he is almost willing to quit dancing once and for all when he meets mysterious dancer JOYCE (19) who is offering him to audit for the rival dance crew MONSTER MONKEYS but before he is allowed to join the crew he has to pass an acceptance test first. Guided by Joyce, Benny is leaving for a journey deep into Berlins underground dance scene where he meets the cities bests B-Boys, Krumpers, Poppers but also Jazz Dancers, Ballet Dancers or even Slackliners and Benny has to learn that it takes more to win the BDB then just become a top dancer…