“16 Women from Teheran/ 16 Zan”- Documentary 2019-2022

Our Dokumentary “16 Women” by Bahar Ebrahim (Teheran/Iran) is completed. 16 Women from 20-80 years Talking about Past and their Future, Dreams and Wishes…16 women, 16 stories, 16 fates in Teheran. Women between 20 and 80. 16 women finding their self conception. Snapshots. What are their thoughts, feelings, actions? What is it they expect from their lives? This film by Bahar Ebrahim is an appraisal of 16 women in every day situations, their ideas, visions and perceptions. 16 Iranian women and their views on the past, loneliness, men, fashion, love, freedom and self determination. Two of them remain silent, convincing the others to immerse in music and dance. Art in shape of a warming coat for the soul.

“Life is a prison, my eyes an ocean of tears.
Oh Life, sweet life, I have had enough of you, let me go.”



Trailer (english) on youtube

Image from youtube-Video 16 Frauen 16 zan