“Street Ghosts” by Wesley T.C. Howard, Movie concept

ROBBY (13), a highly intelligent anime nerd, lives with his mother and older brother in the most criminal small town in Germany, Bruck. His father has been in custody for murder for 10 years and won’t be out anytime soon. Even though Robby grew up around thugs, he’s fed up with family clans and the gangs in his socially disadvantaged neighborhood. Especially the two large groups called “FERUS”, led by NICK the pimp, and the family clan “NURI”, led by RAMASAN and KHALID NURI, keep the city in check. The police is powerless, because almost all of the city’s residents, are involved with one of the two groups, or are forced to work with the gangs. Robbies mother has to work for FERUS and his drug addicted brother is a permanent member of the gang. The gangs recruit all young people from the age of 15 immediately so Robby and his friends are under pressure due to their age.

The main question on the streets is: “Are you FERUS or are you NURI?”

Teaser Street Ghosts