“Under Spanish Skies” aka “Before el Fina” by Nathan Buck


When Leah calls her closest friends, Beth and Gregory to join her for a weekend at her farm in Andalucia, she reveals that she has made a shocking choice that will affect all of their lives forever.

Confronted with her fateful decision, Gregory and Beth each are faced with a heartbreaking dilemma: whether to reveal the secrets that they know about her deceased husband, Neil and shatter their decades-old bond with Leah, or to allow her to hold on to her cherished memories.

In the midst of all this, Alix, a young, rebellious woman arrives on the farm, escaping from her oppressive family, to spend the hot, Andalusian summer with her environmentalist uncle, Andrés, who oversees the farm for Leah.

As the weekend progresses, Leah, Beth and Gregory wrestle with their complicated history and each find that they have valuable hard-earned life lessons to impart to the young, troubled Alix… Time is running out for Leah, though, and she will soon have to make the hardest decision in her life.

Cast: Amr Wacked, Philippe Brenninkmeyer, Tullan Holmquist,Nahéma Ricci, Tara Lynn Orr

Production: Bearlift Films in Association with Cornelsen Films